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Silver Egyptian Jewelry

silver ankh bracelet
Lapis Ankh Silver Pendant

silver ankh pendant
Ankh Pendant Sterling Silver

Silver Eye of Horus Necklace
Eye of Horus Pendant Egyptian Silver Eye

silver eye of horus cartouche
Silver Eye Pendant

silver lapis scarab ring
Scarab Ring with Lapis Sterling Silver

silver eye of horus bracelet
Egyptian Eye of Horus Egyptian Bracelet

silver ankh pendant
Ankh Scarab Pendant Sterling Silver

silver nefertiti pendant
Egyptian Silver Nefertiti Pendant

silver scarab pendant
Silver Beetle Scarab Pendant

silver hieroglyphic pendant
Silver Cartouche Necklace

silver ankh necklace
Life Health and Happiness Necklace  

silver scarab pendant
Silver Scarab Pendant

silver isi pendant
Silver Isis & Nefertari Pendant

silver isis pendant
Silver Isis Pendant

silver isis pendant
Winged Isis Silver Pendant

silver isis pendant
Egyptian Silver Isis Pendant